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The Races of the Vohoun
1. Humans
2. Demi-humans
3. Humanoids
4. Monsters

1. Humans
Seemingly infinitely adaptable and all-but-unstoppable, the human race done quite well in the tropical south of the Vohoun region, surviving and even thriving where other, seemingly more powerful races have gone extinct.

All of the familiar races from the Flanaess can be found in and around the Vohoun, including the Oerdians, Flan, Suel, Baklunish, and the various half-breeds their intermingling has produced.

The Suel are the most powerful of the native Flanaess races in the region. Long ago, immediately following the Twin Cataclysms that devastated the western Flaness, a group of pure Suel refuges fled east. One of the greatest (and certainly the most zealous) concentrations of these refuges came to reside on the Tivolt

2. Demi-humans
Demi-humans are exceedingly rare in the Vohoun region. Of those that do exist, elves are the most prevalent. Small populations of high elves can be found on a few of the ocean's islands and intermingled with the human population. Because of this, half-elves are rare, but not unheard of, and generally do not suffer from the angst that plagues their northern cousins.

There are also tribes of wild elves living in the Amedio Jungle, and there are rumors of some in Hepmonaland, but these have never been confirmed. The largest elven population, however, can be found beneath the surface of the Vohoun. The aquatic elven nation of Quilthanis is a major power in the region. It trades with the few human nations it considers civilized, and wages war against those who dare to approach their territory.

Elves are not well-loved in the region because of the invasion of the Spindrift Isles during the Greyhawk Wars. Many of the isles' refugees fled south to the Vohoun and reluctantly established new settlements. They hate the elves for their "quiet war" and harrass elvish shipping whenever possible. Their attitude has spilled over into the general human population of the region, which has found the Lendore elves to be almost impossible to deal with. There is a fair amount of trade done with Quilthanis and the few independent elvish communities in the region, but most humans are as likely to spit on an elf as they are to say "hello."

Dwarves are not native to the region, and those that exist here generally were imported from the Flanaess for their expertise in mining and construction. Most dwarves, however, detest the idea of coming south -- they despise the idea of long ocean journeys and find the humid, tropical, weather to be nauseatingly intense.

Gnomes are also not native to the region, but can be found in greater numbers than dwarves. Like their dwur-kin, they are often brought south for their engineering skills, but others are drawn to the Vohoun by legends of vast mineral wealth untouched by gnomish (or more importantly, dwarvish) hands. The wider-eyed gnomes can be found lurking in taverns throughout the region, hoping to hear some new rumor of found gold. It's not uncommon to find small clusters of gnomes living in ocean-side villages, working for the local lord as they wait for their "big break".

Unlike the gnomes and dwarves, halflings are native to the region. Small tribes of a wilder breed of halfling can be found living in the depths of the Amedio and on some of the more remote islands in the Vohoun. These deep jungle halflings resemble the traditional tallfellows, but tend to be even thinner than their northern counterparts. They are expert killers who live to wage war against others in their jungles. Few of the adventurers stupid enough to seek out the halfling lands have returned, and those that did were usually physically scarred by the terrible poisons the so-called "small folk" used against them.

Very few "normal" halflings can be found in the Vohoun region -- like the dwarves they find the humidity and heat unbearable. There are a few adventurerous clusters of halflings to be found scattered throughout the region, with the largest of these inhabiting a city block in Rivendale in the Principality of Oldrin.

3. Humanoids


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