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Campaign Journal
As part of our sub-campaign, I'm going to be taking weekly notes about my experiences running the 3E games. These notes will appear on my Web site, Nuketown, in the "Underground" section, as well as on the Pirates site. Read the journal.

D&D 3E Rules Notes and Clarifications

The point of the Pirates Campaign is to learn the 3E rules -- and learn them we have. What follows are notes and clarifications on various 3E rules that we've encountered during our game (or that Ken encountered while reading through the rule books)

1. Multiple Attacks
If you get more than one attack per round, making those attacks uses up your entire action allocation for that round, meaning in addition to attacking, the only things you can do are free actions and take a 5-foot adjustment. (PHB pg 122-123)

2. Reach attacks
If you are attacking with a weapon that has "reach" -- such as a longspear -- you threatened the space 10 feet away from you. This means that:

  • you can attack opponents that are 10 feet away from you

  • you CAN NOT attack opponents that are 5 feet or closer to you.

  • if an opponent attempts to close with a person wielding a reach weapon, then the weapon's wielder gets an attack of opportunity (the same is not true of someone whose weapon has a reach of 5)

  • you can attack an opponent with one of your allies standing in front of you, but this provides that opponent with 1/2 cover and +4 AC bonus. (pg 132, PHB)

3. Concealment and Cover
We messed up Concealment and Cover the first time we used them, so here's the deal on what's what.

  • Concealment is when you make it harder for your opponent to figure out where you are . This provides you with a percentage chance -- based on the degree of concealment -- that attacks against you will miss. This applies to things like hiding in dense fog at 5 feet (one-half concealment, 20% chance of miss) to invisibility or total darkness (total concealment, 50% chance of miss and must guess target's location).

  • Cover is when you're hiding behind something solid. This gives you a bonus to your AC. This is covered on pages 132 and 133 of the PHB.

D&D 3E Links
Eric Noah's 3rd Edition Rules
An excellent resource and a must visit for DMs and players. It includes a simply amazing amount of information including loads of commentary, new releases, conversions and more stuff than you can hope to read in any one sitting.

2E to 3E Conversion Guide
Wizards of the COasts' official guide to converting from Dungeons and Dragon's 2nd edition to it's 3rd edition is available online as a PDF file.

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