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The People


1. About this section

2. Races of the Vohoun
3. The Heroes

--- active
--- Wesley Aldurin, male human fighter

--- Gorin, male human thief/fighter
Mer, male human fighter
Pathan, male Touv (human) fighter/mage
--- Sargent, male human cleric of Pelor
Thom Whitmore, male human thief/fighter
Xocototzin, male Olman (human) rogue/barbarian

--- Al'Zerid Zalm, male Baklunish (human) rouge/fighter/monk
Zol'tveriijn Ad Zandaam,
male Suel (human) mage/priest of Bocoob
--- inactive
--- Chade, male human thief
4. The Fallen

--- Kirian Ylestos, male half-aquatic-elf/half-human paladin of Heironeous
--- Vola, female half-orc druidess
--- Daedelous, male human warrior
5. The People of the Vohoun

--- Wyatt Eldricson, male human lesser noble (Oldrin)
--- Klana, female human thief (Ellsworth, Oldrin)
--- Malak, male human first mate (Prangler, out of Oldrin)
--- Orax d'Silsman, male human captain (Prangler, out of Oldrin)
Ilard Zwoffrine, male human lord trader (Oldrin)
6. The Villains
--- Blackheart, male human pirate (Pirate Isles)
--- Bloodbeard, male human pirate (Pirate Isles)
Mellerick d'Lors, male human merchant (Oldrin)
--- Wilhim Keating, male human noble (Keating Isle)

1. About this section

Meet the true heart of our campaign: the people. This section details the intelligent races that are found in our campaign, as well as the individual heroes and villains that define it.

2. The Races of the Vohoun

The Vohoun is a vast place populated by all manner of intelligent creatures, from the familiar Oerdian, Suel and Flan humans of the Flanaess, to their native cousins, the Touv and Olman. Humanoids and demi-humans from the northern lands can also be found here, as well as a few stranger civilizations. Read the complete write-up.

3. The Heroes

Male thief
Player: Ryan Kendy

Wesley Aldurin
Male human fighter
Player: Lance Miller

Wesley Aldurin was born in the city of Rivendale in CY 572, the only son of a sailor in the Principality's small but formidable navy. His mother died of a tropical disease when he was very young, but Wesley's father was loving and devoted, and spent what little free time his military career allowed with his beloved boy.

Of all of his friends and neighbors, Wesley most enjoyed the company of a charming, bright-eyed old elf named Alennon. Alennon was a sergeant in the City Guard, and a swordsman of great skill and panache. Over the years they grew to be close friends, and Alennon began to tutor Wesley in the fine art of fencing. Wesley came to think of Alennon as something as a second father, especially during his father's frequent voyages and increasingly extended military campaigns.

After the elves' seizure of the Spindrift Isles, the elven population of Rivendale began to be viewed with distrust. As a result, Alennon lost favor with his superiors and gradually lost responsibility within the guard. Over the course of the next three years, Alennon was repeatedly and systematically demoted, eventually winding up in a dead-end clerical position within the armory. The following autumn, frustrated and betrayed, he left the service of the city he loved so dearly and relocated to a nearby village. Wesley stole away whenever he was able to spend long weekends visiting with his noble old friend.

A year later, Wesley's father was tragically killed at sea, his vessel ambushed by pirates. Wesley was devastated, and sank into a deep depression. With the loss of his father, Wesley was forced to find a means to support himself. He packed a bag and set off for the tiny port of Anchorage, which ran a ferry to Carson Bay on Green Island. Wesley paid for his passage with the few precious coins he'd been able to scrounge up.

He began working fishing vessels on the island until he could decide where his future lay, but when his captain spied the blade he carried and, at his request, the skill at which he wielded it, he began oceangoing work of a different sort. His captain recommended him to a trading vessel hiring on marines, and he began sailing with merchants, trading throughout the Broken Tear and eventually beyond. The promise of an exciting new life and a chance to see the world beyond the Principality appealed to Wesley, and he began dreaming of a vessel and a crew of his own, and occasionally, of revenge.


Male human fighter
Player: John Haggerty

Mir is a soft-spoken fighter better known for the skill with which he wields his twin long swords than for his witticisms in battle.

Male Touv (human) fighter/mage
Player: Damon Agretto


Thom Whitmore
Male human thief/fighter
Player: Ken Newquist

Thom Whitmore is a native of the Principality of Oldrin, the son of a middle class family living in the city's Middle District. He is a generally easy going individual whose motivated by a thirst for adventure, a desire to fight the good fight, and dreams of gold. Because of his good nature, he often tries to disarm arguments between friends, and prefers to fast-talk his way out of difficulties. When others would rather fight than talk though, Thom wastes no time in drawing his trademark daggers and leaping into the fray. He does not tolerate those who seek to dominate others through force, or to exploit others at the point of a sword, and seeks to embarrass, discredit, or even slay such villains when the need arise.

Male Olman (human) rogue/barbarian
Player: Jess Cyphers

Xocototzin's parents came from Hepmonoland and were captured by suel slavers and sold off to work on one of the innumerable island plantations. While enslaved his parents taught him the old religion of the Olman pantheon. The slaves believed that the Olman gods would rise up and lead them to victory against their sueloise captors.

Xocototzin and his family rebelled with the other slaves of the plantation and managed to escape after some bloodshed, and made their way to the free Principality of Oldrin.

Once free his parents vowed to aid others of their race to free themselves from slavery and became involved with various organizations dedicated to similar goals. Currently Xocototzin has been given leave to seek out adventure before returning to aid his people over through the tyranny of slavery.

He is of medium build with reddish-brown skin, long straight black hair, dark brown eyes and high cheekbones. His chest, back and arms are covered in tattoos depicting elements of Olman mythology.

Zol'tveriijn Ad Zandaam
Male Oeridian/Suel (human) mage and priest of Boccob
6'2", 165lb., Auburn hair worn long in tight braid down the back, Grey eyes, wears purple, hooded robes with yellow sash
Player: Nathan Udell

Zol'tveriijn (Zolt) is a multi-classed Priest of Boccob/Wizard(Diviner). He is a member of a semi-secretive organization dedicated to the study of magic and arcane lore known as the Twilight Cabal. The Cabal is a loosely organized group of Priests of Boccob and Wee Jas, Wizards, Bards, and multi-classed individuals who seek to learn all that is possible where magic is concerned.

They tend to be of the neutral or lawful neutral alignments. The group was originally based in Keoland, but went underground when that nation began persecuting the clergy. The group has found refuge in the newly explored lands to the far south, in the region of the Amedio jungle and pirate isles.

The current headquarters of the Cabal is in a deserted Olman ruin of a temple. It was here where Zolt had his formal training as a Priest of Boccob, and as a Diviner. Diviners are particularly numerous within the ranks of the Cabal, as they are more apt to discover lost arcane lore. The Cabal concerns itself with seeking a way to prevent the loss of magic within the realm of Oerth, as it has been determined that magic is slowly fading since the days of old.

Evidence of this can be seen in that at the time of the Twin Cataclysms, such magical powers existed which are far beyond that which exist today, as the Suel Imperium and Baklunish Empire brought each other low with such displays of eldritch craft that it changed the entire face of the Flaness. Zolt has recently been elevated from apprentice to the ranks of a full initiate. He has taken up with a group of privateers to expand his knowledge of the area, gain valuable experience as an adventurer, and secretly report his more arcane discoveries back to the Cabal.

4. The Fallen

This section is dedicated to those brave adventures who have fallen in battle against the forces of evil. They are remembered with honor (and the occasional snicker).

Human fighter/sorcerer
Player: Bob Madigan

Known as the most annoying and incompetent of The Prangler's new swashbucklers -- and noteworthy for having earned the wrath of the ship's first mate, Mr. Malak, Dadelous died in the jaws of a dire weasel while the adventurers attempted to storm the kobold stronghold on Thunder Island on Readying 18, 591 CY. He had been a warrior of some skill, and had just learned to channel magical energy when he died.

Kirian Ylestos
Male half-aquatic-elf/half-human paladin
Player: Bill Coughenour

Kirian's father was minor noble in the human House Ylestos, one of those which followed House Oldrin south to the Vohoun. His mother was aquatic elf from the Kingdom of Quilthanis. He spent most of his early life underwater, occasionally traveling to the Principality of Oldrin's capital city of Rivendale. When his father learned of him, he had him sent to school to an island monastary a day's sail from the Broken Tear.

There he found his 'father' figure in an old retired paladin who made the monastary his home. The old paladin taught him the ways of the church as well as the sword, a strong moral code. He et his father, but didn't much care for him -- the man's a spoiled and rich merchant. He travelled the ocean trying to further the cause of good. He always went back to visit the monastary and his mother in Quilthanis. He was noted for his skill fighting with the trident and net.

He died valiantly in the jaws of a dire weasel while fighting evil kobolds on Thunder Island, off the coast of Lof Tura on Readying 13, CY 591.

Female half-orc druidess
Player: Ryan Kendy

Little is known of this odd druidess. The crew of The Prangler first met her while fighting mephits in Thunder Island's
volcanic peak. She joined up with the adventurers while they explored the island, but died a short time later along side another new recruit, the aquatic elf paladin Kirian Ylestos. She was slain by the same kobold patrol that killed the paladin on Readying 13, CY 591.

5. The People of the Vohoun

Wyatt Eldricson
Lord of Wyatt's Island

Male human warrior, lesser noble

Wyatt Eldricson's family is well-known in the Principality for their knack at making wildly speculative projects pay off. Wyatt's current undertaking is Wyatt's Island, a small frontier community founded off the coast of the Amedio. The island provides crops for the Oldrin colonies on the Amedio as well as a not-insignificant amount of silver for use in the Principality. Wyatt's an enthusastic entrepreneur who's always looking for an adventure.

Orax D'Silsman
Captain of the Prangler
Male human captain

D'Silsman is one of the legendary captains of the Principality. He has spent years sailing the Vohoun at the helm of his ship, The Prangler, and is known for fighting the good fight against evil and oppression throughout the region ... all while making a tidy profit.

The captain sails with letters of marquee out of the Principality, and is known for training crack teams of adventurers -- which he affectionately calls his buccaneers -- for special missions. He is well respected throughout the region's civilized ports, and is much despise in the barbaric ones. The good captain has earned the hatred of the pirate lord Bloodbeard several times over, and often tangles with his lieutenant, Blackheart. Rumor has it that the captain is looking to retire soon, and that his latest "class" of bucanneers will be his last.

Female human thief

Klana is a pretty young woman with dirty blonde hair, a winning smile, and an exuberant love of life. She grew up in the Principality of Oldrin, and spent much of her early years seeking out adventure whereever she could find it. She ended up as a bar maid on the mining island of Ellsworth after an unfortunate misunderstanding involving a merchant and his purse in Rivendale.

She tended bar there for nearly six months before meeting the man who'd change her life: Wesley Auldrin. The young sailor arrived in Ellsworth on the privateer ship The Prangler on the 16th of Fireseek, 591 CY. (Read the saga). Wesley stood up for her against some of the bar's more abusive customers, and she was instantly enthralled with him. She snuck aboard the The Prangler and when the ship arrived in Rivendale a few days later, she surprised Wesley (and the rest of the crew) by throwing herself into his arms.

For a time, Klana managed to behave herself in Rivendale, again working as a barmaid, this time in the city's Low District. But it was only a matter of time before she was tempted by adventure. And tempted she was! She stole a valuable bag of emeralds from the notorious merchant Mellerick D'Lors. His men chased her all over the city, but fortunately Wesley and The Prangler arrived back in port just in time. She fled to the docks, and once again threw herself into Wesley's arms. The chivalrous sailor leaped to her defense, rallying his friends to fend off her attackers.

Klana, knowing that she needed to leave the city, and also knowing that her love could more than take care of himself, fled, leaving only an apologetic note to comfort Wesley. Her current whereabouts are unknown, which -- as far as the crew of The Prangler can tell -- suits Wesley just fine.

First Mate of the Prangler
Male human warrior

Malak -- known as "Mr. Malak" aboard the privateer ship The Prangler -- is as feared as his captain is respected. He is widely known for his complete intolerance of incompetence, and the harsh -- but fair -- manner he uses to drive The Prangler's crew. He is a well known master of the whip -- the few foolish enough to challenge him to a fight have almost always go away covered in stinging red welts. Those that didn't escaped the whip more thanks to luck than to skill. Malak does have a few friends around the Vohoun, usually in the form of the few of D'Silsman's bucanneers that he respected.

Ilard Zwoffrine
Owner of Ellsworth Isle
Male human merchant

Zwoffrine is a powerful merchant
who's wealth is derived from several highly profitable mines scattered around the Vohoun, as well as his uncanny knack for negotiating favorable trade deals with the various towns around the region. He owns the copper mine on Ellsworth Isle.

6. The People of the Vohoun

Male human pirate (fighter)

The Pirate Isles are ruled by the strong, and there is no stronger than Bloodbeard. A fierce and brutal man, he was once known as Sedryn Demont. He discarded that name early in his career in favor of his current one, given to him by his crews and opponents a like in honor of his overwhelmingly powerful combat style.

While many pirates favor light weapons Bloodbeard has always wielded a two-handed bastard sword. He is known – and feared – for his prowess with the blade, especially for his ability to cut down a half-dozen men with a single blow. The sword is known as Render and is rumored to have an edge so keen that it can slice through rock as easily as stone. Combined with the sword’s supernatural edge and Bloodbeard’s skill with the blade, not there is not a battle in which the man fights that does not end with his beard soaked in blood and a dozen men dead at his feat.

Prior to Bloodbeard's ascension, the Pirate Isles were a chaotic and deadly refuge. His arrival saw a consolidation of power in the Isles, and with that consolidation, the rise of aggressive slaving attacks and concerted pirating raids. While the Pirate Isles are still dangerous, Bloodbeard is their undisputed ruler. His purpose is their purpose, but exactly what that is, no one knows. Some believes he holds an unholy hatred for the Principality of Oldrin. Others say he envisions himself emporoer of the Vohoun. And still others say that his murderous excessing in this world serve to gain him dark, demonic power in the next.

Bloodbeard's right hand man, and perhaps the only man he trusts (if he trusts anyone) is the pirate Blackheart. A well known -- if not well-trusted -- advisor is Brother Landis, a respected and powerful monk from the Empire of Shar.

Mellerick D'Lors
Male human merchant (thief?)

Mellerick D'Lors is Rivendale's -- and perhaps the Principality of Oldrin's -- most notorous merchant. He is known to fence goods taken by pirates and murders, to engage in nefarious and underhanded endevours, and to be associated (if not in control of) the city's criminal element. Rumors say he has close ties to the pirates Blackheart and Bloodbeard, and that his agents are active in the barbaric slave trade.

Baron Wilhim Keating
Male human (socerer?)

Wilhim Keating is the debaunched ruler of Keating Island, a small isle in the southwestern Vohoun that is home to numerous pirates and thrives on the slave trade.
Keating is fat, sadistic man who revels in inflicting pain on others. His capitol city, founded on his own slave trade profits, reflects his twisted personality and offers every sin and vice imaginable, and a few that are not.

He is a known associate of the pirate Blackheart and more than a few people have whispered about the Scarlet Brotherhood advisors he keeps. Mindful and paranoid of his enemies, the Baron is constantly surrounded by a hand-picked elite guard that is fanatically (and some say magically) loyal to him. He is almost never seen without another of its protectors -- a small black dragonnette who's keen draconic abilities have picked out more than one assasins' blade.

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