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What about the Blackrazors?

About the Campaign
The Pirates of the Vohoun is a limited-run sub-campaign of our long running (4+ years) Blackrazor Guild campaign. The goal of the campaign is to familiarize everyone with that most excellent of experiments: Dungeons and Dragons 3rd Edition.

Third Edition is a major change from Second Edition, and we've decided we'd rather make mistakes running some newbie characters than botch converting our primary PCs. We plan to take a party of first-level characters through to sixth level, using just about every rule published in the core books (PHB, DMG, MM). When the sub-campaign has run its course, we'll see which rules we want to modify or eliminate, and then vote to convert the campaign to 3E. The campaign's set to run January 2001 through August 2001.

The sub-campaign is set in the extreme south of the Flanaess, in and around the Vohoun Ocean. The ocean is bordered to the west by the Amedio Jungle, to the north by the Scarlet Brotherhood, and to the east by Hepmonland. It is center is filled with tiny islands teaming with danger, whether its from natives, pirates or something far more monstrous.

The region was detailed in Sean Reynold's Scarlet Brotherhood supplement -- great source book, and one that we're relying on heavily for this campaign.

Unlike our primary campaign, this one is heroic fantasy (our other one is more, umm, well, go see for yourself). It's an "island-hopping" campaign, in which the characters battle the forces of evil while exploring the lost ruins of ancient civilizations. Think Indiana Jones meets Sinbad, and you'll have a pretty good idea what we're shooting for.

Ken Newquist
Primary DM

About the Players
We're a bunch of guys -- the current count stands at nine -- from the Lehigh Valley, Pa. who meet once a week to play AD&D in Easton. The group is presently made up of:
  • Damon Agretto
  • Bill Coughenour
  • Jess Cyphers
  • John Haggerty
  • Ryan Kendy
  • Bob Madigan
  • Lance Miller
  • Kenneth Newquist (primary DM)
  • Nate Udell

Online Message Board
We are continuing to use our GriffCrier discussion group to talk about the campaign outside of the game. Most of the conversation deals with game planning, but we occasionally delve into some meta-gaming and rules issues. We invite everyone to stop by, check us out, and post some messages if you're feeling friendly.

Visit the eGroup:

House Rules
We're just beginning to learn 3E, so we don't have many house rules yet. Here's a few for the start of the campaign:

  • Apprenctices: The optional apprentice system, in which a character begins as a 0-level apprentice in two classes, is allowed

  • Feats: All feats in the Player's Handbook are allowed; those from other sources must be approved by the primary DM.

  • Leveling: Characters may level between adventures without training. This allows them to gain hit points, improvements to saving throughs, and hit bonuses. However, characters must train to acquire new feats or proficiencies.

  • Learning Spells: Spellcasters automatically learn two spells when they reach a new spell level. i.e. a wizard hits 5th level, and can cast 3rd level spells. Any spells above and beyond this must be learned and are not automatically acquired.

  • Prestige Classes: Prestige classes are allowed, but must be approved by the primary DM.

What about the Blackrazors?
So what about the campaign that started it all? Where is the infamous Blackrazor Guild? Not to fear -- the Blackrazors will return to bring their destructive, chaotic brand heroism to the Flanaess ... but not for a while. This sub-campaign is aimed at testing out 3E, in the hopes (and expectation) that we will convert our main campaign over. If you're feeling nostalgic for the good ol'days, check out the Griffin's Crier, our main campaign web site.

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