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2. Magic Items
-- Darkbreaker, rapier +1
-- Talikambo, short-spear +1
-- The Stingray, spellbook

About the section
The tropical realm of the Vohound is filled with wonders and splendors that few in the Flanaess can imagine. This section attempts to a mere fraction of their glory. Look for magic item, spell and maybe even some prestige class write-ups in this section as the campaign evolves.

Magic Items

Rapier +1

Darkbreaker's hilt is inlaid with a stylized gold depiction of the rising sun. When the command word, "Daybreak" is spoken in Oerdian, the sword sheds bright yellow light in a 20' radius.

Talikambo ("Stormheart")
Short-spear +1

The Touv short-spear -- called Talikambo ("Stormheart") -- is a piece of dark tropical wood engraved with stylized lightning bolts, rain and storm clouds. Barely visible in the storm clouds is the face of a Touvman with hair made of water, and eyes that seem filled with laughter.

Once per day, the wielder can deliver a shocking blow through the spear for 2d6 points of damage, in addition to any normal damage the spear might do. This damage is not doubled as part of a critical hit.

The Stingray ("The Book of Redald")

This is a simple looking, but remarkably resilient, spell book that once belonged to the hydromancer Redald.

It's cover is made of sting-ray skin dyed a deep-blue, with the outline of a stingray inlaid in silver on its cover.. Its pages are waterproof, to the point that it can even be opened and studied underwater. The first several pages of the book detail how it was made, and explain its properties. It also notes that no special ink is required to make writing entered into the book waterproof -- the magic protects any ink.

The book has 30 blank pages remaining, and includes the following spells:

1st Level Spells 2nd Level Spells 3rd level Spells
Obscuring Mist Fog Cloud Sleet storm
Chill Touch Rope Trick Water-breathing

Although this is not included in the book, it is easily learned through inquiries in the Principality: Redald was a mage of some note who served as a mage-for-hire on several ships in the Vohoun before retiring to New Restenford in CY 583.

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