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About the Vohoun Ocean
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About the Vohoun Ocean

The Vohoun Ocean is an immense expanse filled with mystery, danger, and above all else, adventure. It is bordered to the east by the southern arc of the continent of Oerik, specifically, the wild lands of the Amedio Jungle.

It's western side is bordered by the more civilized--but still very dangerous--sub-continent known as Hepmonaland. It's dense tropical jungles are home to the Suel, Touv and Olman human peoples as well as creatures so powerful that they may be gods.

To the north lies the Scarlet Brotherhood, a xenophobic, genocidal nation of pure Suel dedicated to world domination. Their ships prowl the Vohund and its neighboring land masses for resources to plunder, and beings to enslave.

And then there are the free lands, tiny islands all but lost in the vastness fo the Vohoun. Pirates and slavers thrive in these isles, as do principalities and kingdoms who struggle to rise above the general chaos.

And then there are those stranger races that have claimed lands as their own. Rumors persist of isles ruled by necromancers, dragon-kings, and ancient gods believed dead by the civilized lands. There is the large volcanic island that dominates the region, Lof Tura, and is home to horrors few have returned to speak of.

The Vohoun is truly gigantic ... but not so large that a determined few can not make a difference ...

Ellsworth Island

Ellsworth is a small mining settlement located two days sail south of The Principality of Oldrin. The "town" itself has four buildings: a bar/inn (The Mermaid's Tale), a stable, a general store and mining office. Most of the miners stay in barracks out at the main mining site.
The village, such as it is, is filled with desperate men eager for a fight and hungry for relief from the tedium around them. It's leader is a man named Oltone Halver, a frantic man obsessed with meeting the mine's quotas and keeping the men as productive as possible.

The island is one of the Principality's best sources of high-quality copper. It's owned by Ilard Zwoffrine, a powerful merchant who's based out of the Principality's capital of Rivendale.

Keating Island

Keating is a slaver stronghold ruled by the evil and decadent Baron Walsmin Keating. The island is located about four days sail southeast of Taggert Island and is one of the major ports for the Olman slave trade on the Vohoun.

Lof Tura

Lof Tura dominates the central Vohoun, and not just because it's the largest land-mass between the Amedio and Hepmonaland. The island's a nexus for the strange and magical powers pulsing through the region, and its dense forests and mist-shrouded valleys hold all manner of dreams and nightmares.

Explorers who have visited the island report that creatures out-of-time populate its many rifts and canyons, as well as some of the smaller islands clustered around it. Immense reptiles, intelligent lizardmen and wingless wyrms can be found here, as well as monsters of a less terrestrial origin.

The Mist Kingdom

Off the coast of the southern Amedio peninsula are a small chain of islands perpetually shrouded in banks of deep, thick fog. These mists roll continuously from the isles, covering the sea around them for more than a mile.

The source of the mists are unknown, although some magi speculate that twin openings to the Planes of Fire and Water can be found on the isles ... and that minions from each fight an eternal war that creates the great fog banks. Others claim an ancient and forgotten demi-god of flame lies imprisoned beneath one of the isles, but it another legends -- repeated in ports around the Vohoun for decades --that has drawn the most attention to the isles.

According to this tale, the islands were once home to an powerful reptilian civilization. Traces of this civilization can be found deep in the jungles of the Amedio, and some believe that the Mist Kingdom was the seat of its ancient power. The legends say that the civilization fell, but that the ruins of its pyramidal cities remain on the isles--as do their ancient alien relics.

The truth remains as clouded as the islands themselves. Most sea captains avoid the place, believing it cursed. Desperate pirates and adventurers are usually the only ones foolish enough to try and breach the isles defenses. Those who do go almost never return; the few survivors claim to have been driven off by reptilian gods.

The Principality of Oldrin

If civilization's bright light shines anywhere in the Vohoun, it is the Principality of Oldrin. The principality was founded over a two hundred years ago by refuges from the Great Kingdom. The refuges were members of House Oldrin, a minor noble house in Aerdy that had been the victim of a sadistic purge by the Overking.

While never an overriding force for good in the region, House Oldrin remembers all too well the terror and destruction visited upon them in their homeland. They have created one of the few realms in the Vohoun where the rule of law is absolute. The principality has few enemies among the more civilized people of the region, but they have an undying hatred for the Scarlet Brotherhood and the Great Kingdom, and no great amount of love for the pirates of the land.

Their prosperous merchants are respected for their honesty, heir trade goods are among the best south of the Olman Islands, and their capitol port of Rivendale is known throughout the Vohoun as a place of safety, peace and justice.

The Barony of New Restenford

When the elves came to the Lendore Isles during the Greyhawk Wars, they quietly and efficiently forced all of the chain's human and non-elven citizens to leave. Some went to the nearby Scarlet Brotherhood enclave of the Lordship of the Isles. Others fled north into the County of Sunndi, or south in to the few Aerdian trading outposts remaining in Hepmonaland.

A few followed the Baroness of Restenford as she led his people south, past the Olman Isles, to the Vohund Ocean. She re-established the Barony of Restenford on Granite Isle, a fair-sized island in the northern Vohund, off the coast of Hepmonaland. There they quickly went about clearing the land, and restoring their once-impressive herds of short-haired sheep. After the founding, scouting missions to nearby islands, as well as into the Hepmonaland jungles, turned up a number of strange-and valuable-animals.

Taggert Island

Taggert is a fair-sized island -- about 2 miles across and 3 long -- with about 500 settlers. It's an idyllic place, with beautiful rain forests and gently rolling cleared hills covered with farmland. The island has close ties to the Principality of Oldrin, but is not formally part of it. It's not for a lack of trying -- the Princes of Oldrin have approached the settlement about annexation several times, but each time Taggert's inhabitents have politely refused. Oldrin ships -- especially Navy ships -- are welcome in the port however, and most of the island's grain and fish exports go to the Principality.

The island is noteworthy in that it is the southeastern most "civilized" island associated with the Principality (it's about four days sail southeast of Oldrin's Broken Tear), and lies just at the periphery of the part of the Vohoun controlled by the pirates. For this reason the island's main village, known simply as Taggert, is fortified with a wooden stockade. Pirates and slavers generally keep their distance form the island, knowing that its citizens are more than capable of defending themselves, and that raids against the island will be costly. This does not stop all the attacks however, and the inhabitents of Taggert are constantly on the look out for unfriendly ships.

It overseen by an mayor, Ghenrold Ronremis, who is picked by an elected town council. Ronremis is a good man haggard by years of fighting for his life, and the lives of those he loves. He has a pegged left leg, and despises how it hampers his ability to fight off the attackers.

Thunder Island

Thunder Island shares many of the features of its much larger neighbor, Lof Tura. Like Lof Tura, Thunder Island is extremely volcanic -- a small volcano rises from the island's western side, and lava tubes riddle its subsurface.

It's also rife with all sorts of dangers, including ravenous lizards, unnaturally large arachnids, and unusually aggressive plant life.

The most dangerous threat though, maybe the kobold tribe residing in an ancient subterreanean temple. The architects of the temple are lost to time, but their work has stood for centuries, and the kobolds have taken full advantage of it. The kobolds have reportedly mastered most of the temples traps, and have taken to raising dire weasels to help them fend off the aforementioned fauna and flora.

The island is something of a training ground for young adventurers on the Vohoun, and its not unusually to find a few exploring the island at any given time, trying (and usually failing) to best its dangers.

The Kingdom of Quilthanis

n the remote reaches of the Vohoun, beyond the handful of islands controlled by humanity, to the south of the mysterious land of Lof Tura, there exists the magical and legendary Kingdom of Quilthanis.

Floating in the twilight waters of the Vohoun, the Kingdom is ruled by dignified and regal aquatic elves, but is home to all sorts of faire creatures, strange beasts, and ancient magic. Little is known of the kingdom’s culture, although it is believed that the elves are even more independent, chaotic, and magic-loving than their surface dwelling kin. They are fierce lovers of individuality, and greatly enjoy song and dance.

Wyatt's Island

Wyatt's Island was founded by Wyatt Eldricson, an entrepreneur out of the Principality of Oldrin. The island is located about two hours sail from the coast of the Amedio, and serves as a fall-back point for for the Principality's colonies in that jungle land. The island itself is a dagger of land about 3/4 of a mile wide, and two miles long. Silver-rich hills rise from the island's southern reaches, while farmland dominates the rest.






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