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D&D 3rd Edition

The Kingdom of Quilthanis
Ruler: The Faire Queen of the Twilight Waters
Population: unknown
Capital: unknown
Exports: Exotic food stuffs, fish, exotic planet and animal life and relics
Imports: Jewels, some metals, exotic herbs and spices, some foods stuffs

1. About the Kingdom

2. Relations with the surface world

1. About the Kingdom

In the remote reaches of the Vohoun, beyond the handful of islands controlled by humanity, to the south of the mysterious land of Lof Tura, there exists the magical and legendary kingdom of Quilthanis.

Floating in the twilight waters of the Vohoun, the Kingdom is ruled by dignified and regal aquatic elves, but is home to all sorts of faire creatures, strange beasts, and ancient magic. Little is known of the kingdom’s culture, although it is believed that the elves are even more independent, chaotic, and magic-loving than their surface dwelling kin. They are fierce lovers of individuality, and greatly enjoy song and dance.

It is known that they are ruled by someone known as the "Faire Queen of the Twilight Waters", but who this person is and what powers she holds are mysteries. The elves are known to be masters of magic, and are expert metal workers. Surface dwellers often believe that the aquatic race abhors metal, but like traditional elves, aquatic-kin excel at using magic to coax metal to their will. Suits of the "twilight chainmail" the elves forge is extremely valuable in all of the Vohoun’s markets, as are their short swords, tridents and daggers. The armor and weapons are extremely light, and are almost always magically enchanted.

Few humans have ever seen the elven kingdom, and none have entered its capital city (if it even has one). Those that have report an land with immense, graceful towers built from sand, coral and plant life and held together with shimmering bonds of magic.

2. Relations with the surface world

As one would expect, the elves of Quilthanis tend toward isolationism, but they do not cut themselves off entirely from the surface world. They do trade with some of the more civilized human outposts, most notably the Principality of Oldrin and the Barony of New Restenford, and a few of their kind have been known to become involved in the surface world for a short time (50-60 years).

They are fiercely loyal to those they consider friends, but do not form formal alliances with any one group or nation. They despise pirates and slavers, and attack their ships on sight – such vessels know better than to stray too far south of Lof Tura.

Unlike surface elves, aquatic elves are respected and even held in awe by the civilized land-dwellers of the region. The Kingdom's citizens have openly decried their cousins for their tyranical take over of the Lendore Isles, and have shown surprising compassion toward those unsettled by the invasion. They even aided the settlers of New Restenford when the Barony was being re-established in the Vohoun, and was suffering from near-daily pirate and monster raids.

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