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Thunder Island

Ruler: None
Population: 150-200 Kobolds
Capital: None
Exports: Corpses
Imports: Shipwrecked adventurers

1. About the island

2. Views of the Island



1. About the island

Thunder Island shares many of the features of its much larger neighbor, Lof Tura. Like Lof Tura, Thunder Island is extremely volcanic -- a small volcano rises from the island's western side, and lava tubes riddle its subsurface.

It's also rife with all sorts of dangers, including ravenous lizards, unnaturally large arachnids, and unusually aggressive plant life.

The most dangerous threat though, maybe the kobold tribe residing in an ancient subterreanean temple. The architects of the temple are lost to time, but their work has stood for centuries, and the kobolds have taken full advantage of it. The kobolds have reportedly mastered most of the temples traps, and have taken to raising dire weasels to help them fend off the aforementioned fauna and flora.

The island is something of a training ground for young adventurers on the Vohoun, and its not unusually to find a few exploring the island at any given time, trying (and usually failing) to best its dangers.

2. Views of the island

A view of Thunder Island looking west. To the left is the island's
sole water source; on the horizon is its active volcano. View the full-size image.

A night shot of the island. An abandoned temple can barely be seen through the trees. Once again, the island's volcano can be seen in the backgorund. View the full-size image.

A closer view of the pyramid. View the full-size image.


Looking back on the island from the base of the volcano. The pyramid can be seen in the distance. View the full-size image.




Anchor: Pirates of the Vohoun > Lands > Thunder Island
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