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1. Timeline
2. The Calendars of the Vohoun

3. Important Holidays

1. The Timeline
A look at important dates in the history of the Vohoun region (with a few "milestone" dates from our main campaign thrown in to give people an idea of how everything fits together)

1 CY Overking corwned in Roaxues
356 CY Kingdom of Nyrond founded
Sunsebb 4, 398 CY House Oldrin betrayed by allies in the Kingdom of Aerdy.
Coldeven 20, 399 CY Principality of Oldrin estalbished with the founding of Rivendale.
Growfest 2, 543 CY Alvis Oldrin the VII of the Principality of Oldrin is born.
early 583 CY Spindrift Isles conquered by elves and re-named the Lendore Isles. Human refuges flee south into the Vohoun region.
Coldeven 27, 513 CY Blackrazor Campaign milestone -- Free City of Obsidian Bay founded on the Pomarj
572 CY Blackrazor Campaign milestone -- Blackrazor Guild founded in Obsidian Bay by Brant Bladescream
573 CY Scarlet Brotherhood first reported in the Flanaess
Wealsun 18, 578 CY Alvis the VII is crowned "Lord Prince" of Oldrin.
584 CY Blackrazor Campaign milestone -- "Second Founders" take over the Blackrazor Guild
587 CY Blackrazor Campaign milestone -- Obsidian Bay falls to the Scarlet Brotherhood.
588 CY Blackrazor Campaign milestone -- Obsidian Bay invaded by demons, who oust the Scarlet Brotherhood. Later that year, the city is liberated in part by the Blackrazor Guild
590 CY Blackrazor Campaign milestone -- Blackrazor Guild and Knights of the Iron Nation fight their first "Battle of Tyrant's Heart" in late summer.
Wealsun 585 CY Prince Carl Oldrin kidnapped by the pirate Blackheart.
Reaping C86 CY Prince Carl Oldrin murdered by the pirate Blackheart.
Patchwall 587 CY Admiral Marc Oldrin's ship, Seeker, is attacked and destroyed by the pirate Bloodbeard. All hand's aboard the Seeker -- including Oldrin -- are lost.
Fireseek 12-17, CY 591
Saga I: Ellsworth: The heroes become members of the Captain Orax d'Silsman's crew and sail on a brief voyage to the island of Ellsworth and back.
Fireseek 26-Readying 6, CY 591 Saga II: Wyatt's Island: Flying monsters are terrorizing Wyatt's Island; the Prangler and her crew investigate.
Fireseek 26-Readying 6, CY 591 Saga III: Thunder Island: Captain d'Silsman learns that a magical shield has been discovered on a kobold-infested jungle island. He's sending in the Prangler's swashbucklers to recover it.
Fireseek 27-Coldeven 4, CY 591 Saga IV: "Give me the map!"
d'Silsman learns of another powerful treasure, this time a magical rapier. The crew must recover a map leading to the rapier and then recover it from the island where it lay.
Coldeven 4-5, CY 591

Saga V: Klana
Klana, the barmaid Wesley Aulderin "rescued" on Ellsworth Isle, and who followed the crew to Rivendale, is in trouble. It seems that she refused the advances of a nefarious merchant known as Mellerick d'Lors.

The man's sent his thugs to avenge his wounded pride ... but the story turns out to be a lie. In fact, Klana stole a small fortunes in emeralds from the man, and tried to get the Pranglers to save her from them. She escapes from the city.

Coldeven 11-14, CY 591 Saga VI: Warriors of Freedom
The crew of The Prangler -- on a quest for a treasure map leading to a lost trove in the Amedio Jungle -- sails for Taggert Island. On the way they are attacked by vile sahaughin who are working with the slavers of the Pirate Isles, and are stunned by the unexpected arrival of new allies: aquatic elves from Quilthanis.
Coldeven 14-17, CY 591 Saga VII: Taggert
The Prangler arrives at Taggert Island only to learn that it has just been raided by the pirate ship The Torment. The ship carried off more than two dozen Taggert settlers and was believed to be carrying as many Olman prisoners. The adventurers agreed to chase The Torment with the aid of their new aquatic elven allies, and free the slaves trapped on board.

2. The Calendars of the Vohoun
The Principality of Oldrin uses the same calendar that the Great Kingdom used, which in turn, most of the Flaness uses. A few in the region, notably in Scarlet Brotherhood holdings, use Suel reckoning. Almost known of the "civilized" ports of the region use the native Touv or Olman calendars.

The Aerdian calendar is subdivided into 12 months of 28 days; every three months there is a "holiday" week lasting seven days. The "holiday" weeks are bolded in the list below.

  • Needfest
  • Fireseek
  • Readying
  • Coldeven
  • Growfest
  • Planting
  • Flocktime
  • Wealsun
  • Brewfest
  • Reaping
  • Good-month
  • Richfest
  • Harvester
  • Patchwall
  • Ready'reat

The following days of the week are used (adopted from the Flan calendar)

  • Starday -- work
  • Sunday -- work
  • Moonday -- work
  • Godsday -- Worship
  • Waterday -- Work
  • Earthday -- Work
  • Freeday -- Rest

(please note that all of the above information is take from "A Guide to the World of Greyhawk", p. 5)

Since most of the Vohoun is just off the planet's equator, the traditional northern seasons have very little meaning.

3. Important Holidays
The following holidays are celebrated in the Principality of Oldrin. These are formal holidays in which most of the workers take off to celebrate.

Coldeven 20 Founding Day: This is a bitter-sweet holiday marking the founding of the Prinicpality. It is usually marked by speeches by the royal family, a grand parade of military forces through Rivendale, a naval armada, and large banquet feasts.
Wealsun 18 Coronation Day: This marks the coronation of the present Lord Prince of the City. The Prince usually entertains guests from among the common people on this day at huge, all-day feasts.
Brewfest 1 Caldron's Run: The annual race through the Razortooth Caldron, in which brave (and/or stupid) souls ride the current into the Caldron and then attempt to make their way to the village of Summer's Song.

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