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D&D 3rd Edition

The Barony of New Restenford
(based on the AD&D 1st Edition modules The Secret of Bone Hill and The Assasin's Knot)

Ruler: Baroness Gela
Capitol: New Restenford (550)
Population: 2,000
Exports: Foodstuffs, wood, livestock
Imports: Iron, textiles

1. About the Barony

2. Leadership

1. About the Barony

When the elves came to the Lendore Isles during the Greyhawk Wars, they quietly and efficiently forced all of the chain's human and non-elven citizens to leave. Some went to the nearby Scarlet Brotherhood enclave of the Lordship of the Isles. Others fled north into the County of Sunndi, or south in to the few Aerdian trading outposts remaining in Hepmonaland.

A few followed Baroness Gela of Restenford as she led her people south, past the Olman Isles, to the Vohund Ocean. She established the Barony of New Restenford on Granite Isle, a fair-sized island in the northern Vohund, off the coast of Hepmonaland. There they quickly went about clearing the land, and restoring their once-impressive herds of short-haired sheep. After the founding, scouting missions to nearby islands, as well as into the Hepmonaland jungles, turned up a number of strange-and valuable-animals.

The most immediately profitable of these was a large flightless bird they called the elmer. The fish-eating, coast-hugging giant birds were discovered shortly after the Second Founding, and soon became a favorite meal both for Restenford natives and for the crews of passing ships. The enterprising citizens managed to find an island to the south that was perfect for "ranching" the birds, and set about domesticating and breeding them. Elmer Island has since become the second biggest population center in the Barony.

Other profitable trades for the risk-loving include forays into the Hepmona jungles to trade with the native Touv and Suel tribes there, and hunt parrots and other exotic animals.

New Restenford has struggled to keep its port closed to slavers, something that has earned them the wrath of the southern slave lords. These slavers wish to see the Barony conquered, and have attacked it several times. To date, thanks to both its own militia and the help of aquatic elves from the Kingdom of Quilthanis, the Barony has been able to repel them.

It fears, however, that its may not be able to turn away a determined assault, and has sent ambassadors to the Principality of Oldrin to negotiate a mutual defense treaty.

2. Leadership

The Barony is ruled by the Restenfords, a good Oerdian family forced to flee their homeland because of the elven invasion of the Lendore Islands.

The head of the Restenford family is currently the Baroness Gela, her father Baron Grellus having been killed by assasins several years prior to the fall of the Lendores. The Restenfords are generally benevolent rulers, intent on seeing themselves and their people prosper.

They still despise the surface elves who drove them from their ancenstral home, but have come to understand that the aquatic elves of Quilthanis hold entirely different values from their surface dwelling-kin.

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